How to convert .cap into .hccapx using cap2hccapx in openSUSE Linux

Written by Administrator on Tuesday May 5, 2020

First of all you have to install cap2hccapx application on you computer. cap2hccapx is one of the utilities of hashcat-utils tools. Once you got it and you've grabbed .cap file, you just run a following command:

$ sudo ./cap2hccapx.bin /home/dima/hs/HUAWEIE5372F9EE_E2-19-1D-82-F9-EF.cap /home/dima/hs/HUAWEI_5372.hccapx

All you need is cap2hccapx app and .cap file.

Resut of running above mentioned command:

convert .cap to .hccapx in openSUSE Linux