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How to install IceWM theme in openSUSE

IceWM is very lightweight windows manager for Linux. It's popular not only among owners of old PCs. One of the things, that makes IceWm attractive is huge amount of various themes, which can …

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How to compile .c program in Fedora Linux

Before you compile a .c program in Fedora, you need ensure, you have installed compiler. First of all, let's update YUM database: $ sudo yum makecache Then we need install a …

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How to remove Firefox web browser in Lubuntu

Removing Firefox in terminal To remove just Firefox web browser package itself from Lubuntu from command line, we have to type this command in lubuntu-terminal: $ sudo apt-get purge …

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How do add/edit classifications in Zoho.Desk application

Let's see, how to manage (edit/add/delete) classification in Zoho.Desk app. The weid thing is, that you won't find classification managmenets for zoho.desk tickets directly in Setup. If you try to find ticket classification in Setup/Settings in Zoho.Desk application, you will find you direct access:

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Written by Administrator on Saturday January 21, 2023