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How to clear cache in Brave browser [with screenshots]

Brave is a web browser based on Chrome, but more lighweight and faster!

Clearing cache is a very importnat function and can be useful in case your computer is being used by several users. For example, sometimes you can click "remember me" or similar button while logging in certain internet service and browser will remember your login name and password, or a list of webpages you visited. In this case you have to handle how to keep your privacy and clear all this stuff kept in browser after your work.

"Brave" can provide you all functionality you have in "Chrome" browser, so it will take you only sevearl seconds to clear your cache and keep your browsing history or stored data away from the sight of others.

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Written by Administrator on Tuesday December 14, 2021

How to create, edit and save a file in Windows without using a mouse

Hard situations are coming in the moment you won't them happen and programmers and "it-guys" can face the problem of not having a mouse while setting up a system. That's why it's important to knew how to operate your Windows system without a mouse. Today we'll see, how to create, edit and save text file in Windows 10 (actually on every compuer running Windows operating system) without even touching a mouse.

In our field there're a lot of freaks, who do know windows hotkeys to operate the system without a mouse, including work with MS Word, Edge browser or Chrome browser, but sometimes the most important thing is to know, how to do simple things.

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Written by Administrator on Sunday December 12, 2021