How to change DNS servers on to Hostinger (tutorial with screenshots)

Written by Administrator on Tuesday November 30, 2021

In this article we are not planning to talk about real transferring of a domain name, but only redirecting it. Domain transfer normally means that you want to fully transfer domain name to another domain name registrator (meaning you can manage it: change DNS servers or MX records etc). In our case we are talking about the situation, when you've registered domain name at and want to host a website on domain registrator is famous for a variety of domain extension you can choose from. In case your hosting company is and you host websites at this hosting provider, it might be easier to register domain at and then develope and run your website on Hostinger.

If you don't know, how domain registrator and hosting company are connected, just keep in mind that domain name is a kind of pointer and hosting is the place, where your website is stored. Let's go step by step:

  1. Redirect your domain name from to
  2. Change DNS servers on
  3. Add your website on

How to redirect your domain from to

1) Log in into your account:

2) Click "My Domains":

3) Click on domain name you plan to redirect, in my case it will be

my domains list in

Than we have to change DNS servers for this domain by clicking to: "DNS Name Servers":

DNS name servers on

After that you will see something like on the screeshot:

In my case I have stored DNS serves into profile, because I don't want to remember DNS servers and want just select profile and DNS servers will be selected automatically. You should keep in mind, that you must know DNS servers of your hoster in order to let's say point on them your domain at your domain name registrator. If you click on "Add Profile" you will be redirected to a page, where new DNS servers profile are to be created:

DNS servers profile on

As you see, I have added "" and "". Those are main DNS servers for Hostinger. In the future they can change, but probability is low and those actions don't happen very often. In the field "Name of this profile" I put "hostinger" just for me. You can put another name, for example "hostinger-dns" or whatever you want.

4) Afte that I can simply change DNS servers by simply choosing created profile (in my case: "hostinger"):

After selecting profile, DNS servers are changed:

As you see, profiling is very useful for cases you have several hosting companies (several webs for you or for your clients). On the next step you just confirm that you know what you are doing:

And now you have to wait several ours (depends on different conditions you mostly cannot control), when DNS tables are updated:

Adding your domain in your account

After you have changed DNS servers at (domain registrator), you have to add domain to your hosting. Login to your account and click "Hosting":

adding domain in hostinger

After that add your domain (in my case:

add domain in hostinger domain provider

That's all. Now you can upload your files to your hosting and thanks to updated DNS servers, every computer in the world will know, that in case he wants to open a website (in my example:, it has to search for website on your Hostinger directory.