How to install language pack in vTiger CRM and translate it to other language

Written by Administrator on Wednesday December 1, 2021

vTiger is a popular CRM system for everybody who wants to have the system under control. There are versions for free and editions for money. vTiger CRM system is being used worldwide, which caused requiest to translate the system interface into different languages. vTiger has functionality for translating into your language manually, but it takes a lot of time and you should consider translating it into your local language using ready-made translation pack.

In my case I have default settins and my interface is in english, but I want to run vTiger in czech language. 

First of all you have to find translation pack of vTiger. It can be done using vTiger embedded Marketplace, but a lot of translations are delivered by third-party companies and you can find them on Google.

Once you've got a translation pack for your language, you have to install it on vTiger CRM system. Let's check, how it can be done almost in 3 minutes. vTiger language packs look like a .zip file. Don't unzip it, vTiger can install it just as is using .zip file.

First of all, log in into your system as administrator and go to "Settings" and choose "CRM Settings":

vTiger CRM settins menu location

After that click on "Modules" panel:

vTiger modules choose module

And then click on the button "Import module from ZIP":

vTiger moduler import

Accept disclaimer and choose file from your hard disk:

In my case it will be file :

Then click "import" button located at the bottom of the page:

Then vTigers offers you to verify import details, just approve all it wants, because this step was made just to check, if the language pack is importable and has no errors.

After that, go to "MY PREFERENCES" menu and choose "My Prefernces" menu item:

vTiger preferences for changing an interface language

Scroll to the bottom of a preferences page and find Language option:

changing language in vTiger interface

Then choose a language option you need. In my case I'm choosing "CZ Čeština" scroll-down menu item, because my intention was to translate vTiger to czech language.

Confirm your choice:

And then you'll see, that your vTiger interface is translated in your language (in my case: czech);

vTiger nastavení | vTiger settings

That's all!