How to install japanese keyboard layout on Elementary OS

Written by Administrator on Thursday April 30, 2020

In order to install japanese language keyboard layout in Elementary OS, use fcitx, but during installation choose "japanese language" instead of "chinese language". Keep in mind, that under Freya, nor ibus, nor SCIM is working properly.

First, you have to add fcitx repository:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fcitx-team/nightly

Then update your sources:

$ sudo apt-get update

After that you can install fcitx and chinese input layout:

$ sudo apt-get install fcitx fcitx-config-gtk fcitx-sunpinyin fcitx-module-cloudpinyin fcitx-chewing fcitx-table-all

Then install im-config:

$ sudo apt-get install im-config

Then you have to configure input method with im-config

$ im-config

Next step is about choosing the right input method

After typing im-config in terminal, you will see, that second line dhows which input method is currently in use on your system. You will probably see: ibus, scim, xim or something else. In case is shows "missing, default, cjkv or auto", just keep in mind and click "OK"

On last window you have to click "Yes" and then restar your computer.

Adding new inputs:

  1. Open Configure
  2. Click on the plus at the bottom in the left corner
  3. Untick "Only show current Language"
  4. Search your favourite input method by name. For example: chewing, pinying or other
  5. Select it and click OK to add it
  6. Open any windows, hit Ctrl+space to switch language and this is all!

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