How to redirect mail to another service

This article is a manual for those, who has a hosting for their website, but wants to their mail to be processed on another hosting. This can happen for example in cases, when your website hosting company is charging additional fees for every mailbox you create (for example, Hostinger in their standard plans allows you to host website, but in case you want to create mailboxes, they will force you to buy subscription for Titan mail for every box you want to create).

So, let's take my example of two hosting companies. 

First one: Hostinger: I'm hosting the whole website there, but don't want to pay for mailboxes (I think in case you have hosting you have to have an ability to create as many mailboxes as you want). This hosting will be used for hosting only a website.

Second one: HmdsGroup / Entirely Digital I have a hosting plan here, but want just to process mails for my website, which is hosted at Hostinger. This hosting will be used for processing mail for a website.

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Written by Administrator on Saturday July 20, 2024

How do add/edit classifications in Zoho.Desk application

Let's see, how to manage (edit/add/delete) classification in Zoho.Desk app. The weid thing is, that you won't find classification managmenets for zoho.desk tickets directly in Setup. If you try to find ticket classification in Setup/Settings in Zoho.Desk application, you will find you direct access:

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Written by Administrator on Saturday January 21, 2023

How to correctly translate stages names in a pipeline into other language in ZOHO.CRM

This article will be useful for those, who are working with ZOHO.CRM in different languages.

The best approach to develop pipelines in ZOHO.CRM is to create them in your language and then assign reference values (names) in english. It will give you a possibility to keep several language instances of your pipelines. Remember, that it's good to store information once and then reuse. So, while creating blueprints in your ZOHO CRM instance, don't create multiple records (pipeline stage names or blueprints). Do it once and then translate.

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Written by Administrator on Thursday November 17, 2022

How to run Flameshot on PrintScreen button in Bodhi Linux

Once you have installed Flameshot screenshot manager on your Bodni linux distro, you will see, that pressing PrtSc (PrintScreen) button still runs standard screenshot application. Yes, we can run Flameshot manually by clicking on its icon in tray and choosing "Take Screenshot" option, but it's not the best way to use:

bodhi linux flameshot - tray

If you don't know how in install Flameshot on your Bodhi Linux computer, read the following manual: How to install Flameshot on Bodhi Linux?

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Written by Administrator on Sunday January 30, 2022

How to install Flameshot in Bodhi Linux?

Bodhi linux has default application for making screenshot and it has name .. "Screenshot" :) It's not very popular because it has awful design and it's almost not customizable. This is how it looks in standard Bodhi Linux distro:

bodhi linux screenshot program interface and settings

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Written by Administrator on Sunday January 30, 2022

How to find your Bodhi linux version installed?

As we all know, Bodhi linux is based on ubuntu, but sometimes you need to know, on which version of Ubuntu is based your Bodhi linux distro. The fastest way to find this information is to run the following command:

$ uname -a

In my case I got this information:

bodhi linux version command

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Written by Administrator on Sunday January 30, 2022

Guide for building knowledge base

Very often knowledgebase is considered as something like must have feature for an information system, but this is misleading in case you want your knowledgebase serve like a real help for employees, customers and/or developers.

This article is a short guide how to gather information you need and keep in mind to create and maintenance while creating, developing and maintenancing a knowledge base for a company you work at or for a client you are creating a knowledge base for.

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Written by Administrator on Friday December 17, 2021

How to clear cache in Brave browser [with screenshots]

Brave is a web browser based on Chrome, but more lighweight and faster!

Clearing cache is a very importnat function and can be useful in case your computer is being used by several users. For example, sometimes you can click "remember me" or similar button while logging in certain internet service and browser will remember your login name and password, or a list of webpages you visited. In this case you have to handle how to keep your privacy and clear all this stuff kept in browser after your work.

"Brave" can provide you all functionality you have in "Chrome" browser, so it will take you only sevearl seconds to clear your cache and keep your browsing history or stored data away from the sight of others.

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Written by Administrator on Tuesday December 14, 2021