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Privoxy: installation and setup (Linux)

Privoxy installation I‌ have LinuxLite distro, so I'm installing privoxy this way: $ sudo apt-get install privoxy Now we can check, that privoxy is installed: $ systemctl status privoxy It will show you something like this: By default, privoxy will be …

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Written by Administrator on Tuesday March 3, 2020

How to change screen resolution in ElementaryOS

FIrst of all, let's find settings, which allows us to change screen resolution. In the left top corner of a desktop, click "Applications" and type "resolu" in a search field. The choose an option "Displays → Screen Resolution": On an appeared screen click GEAR-icon in the right-top …

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Written by Administrator on Thursday March 5, 2020

How to remove Firefox web browser in Lubuntu

Removing Firefox in terminal

To remove just Firefox web browser package itself from Lubuntu from command line, we have to type this command in lubuntu-terminal:

$ sudo apt-get purge firefox 

Completely remove Firefox

Firefox stores configuration files in your Lubuntu system. If you want remove Firefox completely including configuration and settings files, we have to search for settings and configuration files which are somehow connected with Firefox and delete it.

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Written by Administrator on Friday March 13, 2020

How to install IceWM theme in openSUSE

IceWM is very lightweight windows manager for Linux. It's popular not only among owners of old PCs. One of the things, that makes IceWm attractive is huge amount of various themes, which can completely change the look of your system.

Where to download IceWM themes?

There several websites, where you can download IceWM themes, but most popular are:

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Written by Administrator on Monday March 30, 2020