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How to run Flameshot on PrintScreen button in Bodhi Linux

Once you have installed Flameshot screenshot manager on your Bodni linux distro, you will see, that pressing PrtSc (PrintScreen) button still runs standard screenshot application. Yes, we can run Flameshot manually by clicking on its icon in tray and choosing "Take Screenshot" option, but it's not the best way to use:

bodhi linux flameshot - tray

If you don't know how in install Flameshot on your Bodhi Linux computer, read the following manual: How to install Flameshot on Bodhi Linux?

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Written by Administrator on Sunday January 30, 2022

How to change screenshot hotkey for screenshots in Linux (openSUSE, XFCE example)

Those, who have XFCE window manager, surely have pre-installed screenshot-making program. It will surely be "xfce4-screenshooter" or "lximage-qt".

How to change screenshot button?

XFCE has a greay and simply-to-use tool for assigning hotkeys for any action you do in Linux. Using this tool you can assign any program to start, to stop, or to do everything you want. The most simple way, how to do it is to know terminal-command you want assign hotkey to and then set it up.

In my case I will be changing hotkey for running lximage tool for making screenshots in XFCE window manager (my system is openSUSE).

What program is actually making screenshots?

When I click PrtScr button on my laptops's keyboard, screenshot program is launched. Me, as a normal user, I don't know the real name of the program in the system, because, Screenshot menu item I have in main menu merely has a name "Screenshot", but it's not a program itself, it's just a shortcut embedded in main menu in my system. Real program name is hidden for me (frankly speaking, user even normally doesn't need to know it).

So, in case we plan to change the hotkey for screenshot-making program, we have to know, what program is called by clicking on Screeshot item in main menu.

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Written by Administrator on Friday April 3, 2020