How to install Flameshot in Bodhi Linux?

Written by Administrator on Sunday January 30, 2022

Bodhi linux has default application for making screenshot and it has name .. "Screenshot" :) It's not very popular because it has awful design and it's almost not customizable. This is how it looks in standard Bodhi Linux distro:

bodhi linux screenshot program interface and settings

This standard tool cannot give you the freedom of making screenshots the way you want. For example, it's impossible to make a screenshot of the program "Screenshot" itself, because while making a screenshot, main window of the program disappears. Standard Screenshot program doesn't allow you to make a screenshot of a selection on your screen (in case you need to save a photo only of a particular area on the screen). 

Flameshot installation in Bodhi Linux

Flameshot is very powerful, easy to use and effective screenshot maker for linux operating computers. Installation of Flameshot in Bodhi linux is very fast and simple. You can just run the following command:

$ sudo apt install flameshot

Then you have to wait until the installation ends (almost immediately):

flameshot installation in Bodhi Linux

Flameshot usage 

To start flameshot manually in Moksha desktop, we can use  just go to Menu -> Applications -> Graphics -> Flameshot:

manually starting flameshot in bodhi linux

By default, Flameshot will appear on your scree in a tray:

flameshot in a system tray in bodhi linux

Clicking on a Flameshot icon using Right mouse button, we'll see the menu:

bodhi linux flameshot menu in tray

Press "Information" and you'll see shortcuts for flameshot usage:

bodhi linux flameshot from tray information item in menu

Then you can click "Settings" and check all settings you can set up and change to customize Flameshot usage for your needs:

Interface tab

bodhi linux flameshot settings - Interface

Filename editor tab

bodhi linux flameshot settings - filename editor tab

General tab

bodhi linux flameshot settings - General tab

Clicking on the Flameshot icon in tray with your Left Mouse button will start a program and can directly select area of a screen you want to shoot and then you can use the variety of instruments for customizing your screenshot (round and square frame, arrows, lines etc) and then copy selected area to a clipboard or save the image:

using flameshot in Bodhi linux - example of selected ared

In case you want to run Flameshot and make screenshots simply by pressing PrtSc button, read the following manual: How to run Flameshot on PrintScreen button in Bodhi Linux