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How to create executable from everywhere bash script in Devuan? [with screenshots] [ex.#1]

Bash scripts are very helpful took for work routine and simplifying your work with linux.

Let's create a simple bash script, which writes something in terminal.


for i in  {1..10}
  echo Hello number $i
  sleep 3s

What does this script? Echo command prints "Hello number #" precisely ten times, but with delay 3 seconds.

Save the code as delayed_hello.sh:

dima@computer:~/scripts$ cd /home/dima/scripts
dima@computer:~/scripts$ ls

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Written by Administrator on Wednesday April 22, 2020

How to install Python 3.8 from command line in LiteLinux

First, let's check, if python was already installed in our system. Use following command:

$ python -V

Ok, now we know, that python version 2.7.15+ is already installed. But we want to install python 3.8, because for some reasons python 2.7 we don't need. Let's go:

$ sudo apt install python3.8

You will see something like this:

So, python 3.8 is installed. We can check it:

$ python3.8 --version

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Written by Administrator on Tuesday March 10, 2020

Image: linuxlite-installation-python38.png