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How to install Chrome (Chromium) in ElementaryOS

Chrome browser has a little bit different name in Linux - "Chromium". Functionality and interface is the same, except the name of the application.

There are two ways to install Chromium in ElementaryOS: 

Install Chromium from AppCenter in ElementaryOS

AppCenter is a database of programmes for ElementaryOS, which you can download for free or for a small price.

Just open an AppCenter:

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Written by Administrator on Sunday March 8, 2020

Image: elem_os_chrom/elem-os-app-center.png

How to Check Python Version in CentOS Command Line

If you have CentOS system and want to know, if python is installed or not, it's enough to ask system, what version of python is installed. There's very simple command:

$ python -V

You will receive an answer:


version of python in linux


installed python in linux version

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Written by Administrator on Saturday March 7, 2020

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