How to find you linux version in AryaLinux

Written by Administrator on Tuesday May 12, 2020

There are several command to run to get your AryaLinux version information. It depends, what precisely you want to see, but in AryaLinux you can use same commands like in other Linux distros:

$ uname -a
$ cat /etc/*-release
$ cat /proc/version


AryaLinux is GNU/Linux distro, which was built from scratch (LFS). The way AryaLinux went, is not the most popular. Apart from other Linux distributions, AryaLinux was build from sourcesand not based on any other Linux distribution. Philosophy of AryaLinux distribution is, that user should build his system for himself by himself. Being not forked from any other Linux distro, Arya gives you an oppurtunity to decide, what will be put on the system.

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